Anyone looking for the red caviar classic in medium size w/ new chain...

  1. I just ordered mine from Canada, as none of the stores in the US ordered the size I wanted in caviar. (the 10 inch high one, not the e/w) There are 2-3 more available. Call the Calgary store and ask for Kay, she was very nice & helpful. Tell her April from the US referred you, please. The phone number is 403-269-7341. The style number is A35190 Y01588. It was $2200 canadian.
    The only drawback is you have to ship it to someone you know in Canada. They won't ship to the US.
  2. Whoops! I meant 10 in. long, not high.
  3. ahhh I want this size so bad! if anyone hears of stores picking it up in the states, PLEASE let me know!!!
  4. did they charge you tax? oh but the tax in calgary is less than 14% anyways
  5. Tax here is only GST 6% there's no provincial tax.
  6. so for an american who buys it over the phone but have it sent to somewhere in canada, do they still get charged tax? and how about someone from ontario who buys it? will they only charge the 6% tax or the 14% ontario tax? if it's just 6% then i'd rather buy it from calgary, rather than the states
  7. Well, actually it didn't come from Calgary. They had to search for it and ended up getting it at the Toronto location. But yikes :wtf: 14% tax?!? That's terrible! I'm in Michigan and ours is only 6%. I was so excited I didn't ask about tax (or get a total), not sure if I paid it or not.
  8. you ought to check, the 14% tax is pretty hefty. i guess it must be the toronto chanel boutique, since i checked the holt renfrew one and they said they were sold out...anyhow, it's a gorgeous bag, enjoy it
  9. Yep, the boutique. I'm bummed about the tax, but I would've gotten it even if I'd known. I'm not going to think about it.
  10. i'm sure you will get lots of uses out of the bag, but i would be curious to know whether they charged you tax or not knowing you're an american but just having it sent to a canadian address...let me know when u find out...tia
  11. ^ hope you love the bag, that's such a hassel to get a bag! i don't understand why the US stores don't order more of this size.....i mean this is like the normal standard classic flap bag size!
  12. I know! It's ridiculous. I did track it down - in Hawaii they are getting all of 2 at the boutique. No one else in the states is getting it at all. I mean, really, 2 for Hawaii and that's it? I tried everywhere too (various boutique locations, Saks, Neiman's, Nordie's), just in case I was getting bad info. But, no. I do love it though!
  13. Update on the tax. We're picking it up ourselves from the co-workers house (we are just over the border from them). My husband has bought & then picked up stuff from Canada before and he said he's always gotten the taxes (PST & GST) refunded at the border. So, as long as nothing has changed, I should be okay. :yes:
  14. yea, thank god i am #1 on one of the hawaii list! I was just like you, have been calling NM, Saks, bloomies and nordtrom. We are like lost med red caviar flap twins!! :roflmfao:
  15. Actually, you're the one who pointed me to the Hawaii store! She said it was hopeless though. I'm like number 20 or something on the list. I had to take matters into my own hands. After Canada I was contemplationg calling the Dubai stores. Where there's a Chanel will, there's a way.