Anyone looking for the LE Haversack?

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  1. I saw one today at the Macys in Silverdale, WA. It wasn't discounted, but I noticed the LE tag on it and thought maybe someone was looking for one.

  2. I've seen them at two Macys over the weekend.
  3. I am looking for one in Chocolate suede but am not willing to pay FP for it... My local Macys had this bag right after the holidays too at FP, but I'm going to hold out and hope some eventually make it to my outlet in the near future (they've had the teal and pink there, but no chocolate or asparagus yet). The outlet price was more than 1/2 off the original retail price, so I'm willing to wait and if that color never makes it to the outlet, so be it!

  4. They were at the outlet tonight: pink, blu and chocolate. $449 with %50 off.
  5. Was that woodbury? I'll be in town this sunday!
  6. that's a good deal!!! luv the pink, but too scared of the suede.
  7. I am too, but it is beautiful bag! A very classy looking bag, much prettier IRL!
  8. Oh wow at the outlets? Never mind my post then LOL!
  9. I have the Chocolate one on layaway, the color is TDF. Even the hubby loved it.
  10. Anyone have a pic of the blue? The chocolate sounds so pretty too.
  11. Go to the Search bar and type in Suede Haversack, I believe there is a thread where bunny and baglady posted their green and blue ones there.
  12. ACtually the thread is called Bleeker Haversack?

  13. Niagara Falls NY, just arrived this afternoon!
  14. The chocolate is very rich looking. perfect for fall!

  15. Nancy in Va. got the blue/teal color haversack.... She started a thread in the main forum about it and some other outlet goodies she got last week (sorry, don't know how to attach another thread into a post-yet!)