Anyone looking for the Fleur keychain or Inclusion bracelets?

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  1. I just saw the Fleur keychain at the Bloomingdale's LV boutique in South Coast Plaza today. They had at least two that were in the glass display case/counter.

    I also saw two Pomme PM (regular) inclusion bracelets in the case near the sunglasses, and at least one Amarante PM (regular inclusion bracelet in the glass display/counter. They also had a Pomme GM bracelet in the display on the outside wall of the LV boutique that faces into Bloomies.

    Oh yeah, and I saw the new blue Neo Cabby on display at the same store - $1500 USD. It's really cute and I love that it has a strap as well as the handles - the best of both worlds.

    Just thought I mention it in case your local store doesn't have it!
  2. hope someone from here grabs those! :p