Anyone looking for the blush patent flap?

  1. I think it's a medium, I dont know the price. NM KOP has one in a case. Ask for Stacy, she can help you.
  2. thank you.=)
  3. Thanks ...what's KOP?
  4. King of Prussia
  5. Did anyone get it? I would if I wasnt saving for my expandable tote.
  6. sjunk13, thank you for posting it! it's been the only Chanel bag Ive been longing for! I bought it!! I hope everythings perfect =)
  7. actually, i had to cancel the order. I just got a call from NM KOP and Stacey told me that there is an ink mark on the bag..apparently its small but visible.
  8. ooh no kuriso!! it must have been a return...hopefully your blush patent flap will turn up soon!
  9. oh so sorry. I hope you find another...
  10. anyone has a pic of it?
  11. there is a pic of the jumbo size in the refrence section