Anyone looking for pearls?

  1. My favorite SA at Nordstrom sent me these, but I already found the Chanel pearls I was looking for. These go fast so if interested call Federick at Seattle Nordies....


  2. ohhh very pretty!! if only, if only...
  3. I know what you mean jen! if only....
  4. OOOOH!:drool:
    Those are hot!
  5. ^^^ yes, so pretty! Also, what I meant to say is he sent me the pics, not the pearls. I guess there are several options to wear these's another photo...

  6. ^wow, those pearls are gorgeous! i love how they can be worn so many different ways...
  7. ^^ I know! I think there's even more ways to wear them and as a belt too! I'm not that creative, I think I would become confused!
  8. Nice! Thanks. I think I'm going for these.

    ETA: I should say that Michael at Nordstrom sent me pics of these pearls earlier today, but not on the mannequin and I had no idea they were so versatile.
  9. yeah, it makes all the difference in the world to see visual pictures. I bet these are going to look gorgeous on you. I do hope you post lots of pics once you receive them!! :yahoo:
  10. It really does. Thanks so much.:biggrin:
  11. imgg - did I miss the post on which pearls you got?? I'm sure the ones you got are stunning!

    Mon - GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! these are GORGEOUS and soo insanely versatile.
  12. Thanks Jen, they are mine.:biggrin:
  14. Apologies in advance for my ignorance... may I ask what kind of pearls/material this necklace is made of? Just curious - it's so gorgeous! Congrats, Mon! :graucho:
  15. ^most chanel pearls are part of the costume jewelry, so i think it's a combination of glass with pearl dust/mica on the outside. in other words, they are not genuine pearls. but they are tdf!!!