Anyone looking for Paris Hilton E/W bag?

  1. It's E/W in Black lamb with new chain. I have this bag on hold under my name. PM me if anyone interested. I will give you my SA info. I also saw the Jumbo in grey lamb with new chain today. It looks like this E/W but in Jumbo size.

  2. just got it!
  3. Does this one come in white as well??? Not familliar with e/w bag. But it looks like a good size bag for a nite out.
  4. very cute bag
  5. Yes, it also comes in white. There is one at Saks Portland last 2 weeks.
  6. Thanks for the info... that's really cute.
    Can you tell me how much this one is?? TIA...
  7. I'd love to see the grey jumbo! anyone have pics?
  8. It was $1550 plus tax.