Anyone looking for monogram PERFORATED...I found some..

  1. Okay if you want the pochette accessoires in fuschia (coveted color) call the Saks in Austin, TX. They do not have the matching cles though. They do however have both the accessoires and cles in orange.

    I had ordered it but then called back to void the sale cuz I think I would rather have a bigger bag like the pap 26. Then I can still keep the wapity. Also I'm not too sure about the orange color for myself.........I would totally love the pink though. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm sure I'm gonna be kicking myself later as this is a LE piece but I'd rather get more purse for my dollar. If it was cheaper like the regular mono accessoires it wouldn't be a problem for me. Sometime I hate my drives me crazy!!

    If you want the pochette accessoires and matching cles in orange, call the Macys in Oakbrook, IL.

    Oh and also 866 said that the Saks in Troy, MI might have the orange too!

    But I know for sure that Saks in Orlando, Fl does for sure have the cles in orange & green.

    Good thing about Saks is they don't charge sales tax when shipping items out. Macys said they weren't sure whether they do or not. Also shipping at macys for standard was $20 while at Saks 2nd day is $18, ground is $13 and overnight is only $25.