anyone looking for mini classique

  1. mix modern boutique (in houston) has a mini classique in blue for $500. i asked the SA if it was cornflower, but they weren't sure.:blink: these are ususally $775. it would make a great evening bag. no other bags on sale. bummer!

    give them a call if you're interested in the mini classique. their phone number is 713-522-0606.
  2. Thanks for this, Esile! I called them several times last year, from late summer into fall, and got only an answering machine. I thought maybe they might have been a victim of the hurricanes...glad to see their still around.
  3. bbagbubba, yep... they're still around. they're the only store that sells bbags in houston, but their selection is limited.

    btw, your handle name just cracks me up!:roflmfao: :lol:
  4. My guess is that it would be sky blue...I don't think they made the mini classique in the newer colors like cornflower. Thanks for letting us know about it! :flowers:
  5. fashion junky, i think you're right. sky blue would be so pretty.
  6. I love Mix! :smile: Esile are you from Houston too? Did they move yet? Last time I was in there, they said they were moving stores.
  7. oooh, Sky Blue? I wish it was a bigger size! I would be all over it. lol. Sky blue is such a pretty color! :smile: Thanks for the heads up, though, esile! :smile:
  8. april, yep, i'm from houston... or should i say "hot-town". it's been hot and humid down here! mix modern is still in it same location. they have lots of sales, but too bad no bbags except the mini. i didn't go today (just called them), but maybe i'll go check it out tomorrow and report back.

    pupster, you're right... it's way too small for me. even the regular first is way too small for me. but it would make a nice evening bag.
  9. Hey Everyone :amuse: I'm new to this forum and just found it through tfs... but anywayz! I am looking for a mini classique! but not in sky blue...if anyone finds any others PLEASE let me know! I almost purchased the turquoise on ebay, but then I heard weird stuff about the seller and did not want to rish it! THANKS!
  10. hi, daydream. welcome! i know you from tfs. ;) i'll keep my eye out for a mini for you.
  11. thanks esile!