Anyone looking for metallic black 227

  1. My SA has one for me from another store and I already purchased one. If anyone is interested, please pm me and I'll give you the info. :smile:
  2. Hi gators, Does your SA work with emails?
    I'll like to get the bag, let me know, thanks.
  3. ^^Thanks for your interest, but I believe another tpf'er is getting the bag. :smile:
  4. oh thanks anyways.
  5. This is still available if anyone is interested. Please pm me for SA info.
  6. would you know if there's an available 226 on black metallic?
  7. Try Chanel in Short Hills NJ. I received a call today about a black metallic 226 being available but I already have one coming from one of the Las Vegas boutiques.
  8. Black Metallic 227 is available at the Spring Street Chanel in NY. Their number is 212-334-0055. The lady I spoke to was Shion.

    Good luck!
  9. Hi Jeshika, thank you for your assistance, Shion got me a metallic black 227, should be receiving it within this week.

    And I think she still have another one in the store, so whoever is interested in this bag, do give her a call.
  10. I returned one to the Tysons Boutique (Virginia) yesterday if anyone is interested.
  11. At Tysons Chanel boutique....they also have a 226 dark silver reissue in the display case. At least I think it was the dark silver. Retail $2350. Ask for Farah. 703-847-0555
  12. is it possible to find a black metallic 226?