anyone looking for GST w/ silver HW?

  1. there's one on hold for me, i already got mine, so your'e welcome to take's from Neimans and the retail on it is $1750, pm me for name of SA and store #
  2. There's one at BG in NY too!!
  3. did BG mark up their price yet?
  4. I'm not sure, I was on a couple of list so when I received the call from BG I didn't ask the price since I already received mine. I do know if you live outside of NY they will send it tax free.
  5. do u think if they will ship to canada?
  6. yes, all the american retailers do, but the duty and taxes will be quite hefty...i always have my pkgs sent to my friend in pittsburg, who then in turn sends it to me
  7. thanks irene =) my search is finally over! you're such a sweetie for continuously updating me all this time! :smile:
  8. you're so welcome, i'm glad that i was able to keep my promise in finding you a gst w/ silver pleasure