Anyone looking for Denim Spy really cheap on Jomashop

  1. Did not know if anyone was looking for the Denim striped Fendi spy bag.

    They have them on Jomashop for $759 if anyone interested
  2. Thank you Saich2, I'm going to buy a Petrol Spy tomorrow, but want that Denim on also. Going to check it out now. Thanks!
  3. Where are you going to get the Petrol Spy from? Thanks..

  4. Thank you Saich2... I am debiting whether I should buy it or not..
    I really like blue and white.. but spending 750 on a canvas bag?? even if it is the Spy bag... Is it worth it?? I value your opinion... Is this the best deal?

    Is Jomashop 1000% authentic?? not like bluefly and overstock where they are hit an miss??

  5. Jomashop is authentic, a lot of people on here have bought from them. The bag is a brilliant deal, if you want this bag. A lot of people love the denim strip, I personaly think its a nice bag but would not buy one as prefer the leather ones, but thats just my own personal taste.

    Think it would look lovely in the summer with jeans. It all depends if you have been wanting one of these for a while if you have then this is a great price.
  6. Thank you Saich2... I really want to add a Fendi Spy to my collection... I was going to wait until a White Leather one go on sale.. BUT since you post this great deal...I just can not resist white and blue.... I bought it today!! Hopefully they do not cancel order like NM or Bergdorf.... *finger crossed*
  7. Congrats its a stunning bag. I love the white leather one but prefer the white Wisteria spy sooooooooo beautiful
  8. It's in stock again. ^^ I think it's a great buy.
  9. Congrats brtracy, I have one of these and I am sure you will love it!! Post pics when she arrives!!
  10. The Bloomingdales by me. That have (at least) one. I spoke to the sales assistant.
  11. thanks for posting about the denim spy, Saich2! and congrats on scoring a petrol, JoV! i promise you won't regret it!!!!!
  12. Wow....I didn't think that there were still Petrol bags in stock anywhere. I know Fendi came out with a new blue bag, and some say the color is similar, but never dreamed you could still find the original Petrol color in stock in any stores. You really did luck out.....nice score!! :wlae:
  13. The s/a said it was Petrol, but I went to Neimans instead and bought a dark chocolate one. You could call Bloomies in Riverside Sq., NJ and ask about it. The Fendi Specialist is Lisa and # (201) 457-2042.

    Once I had the cash in hand, I realized that I really wanted a dark brown color. Everything I own (practally everything) is black and I wanted a deep coffee/chocolate color, if I could find one. And I did!
  14. is the bags sold on jomashop real?
  15. Yes, Kitty. I just recieved my Fendi Zucca Spy bag yesterday and it is definately authentic! A lot of other tPFers have bought from Jomashop and their bags were authentic as well. Good luck!