Anyone looking for classic pearls or black baby cabas

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  1. My Saks SA is holding 3 strands of the classic pearls and a black baby cabas ($1795 w/ the quilting) until Sunday evening. If anyone is looking PM me and I'll give you her info. Pic of pearls (borrowed from takeoutbox - hope you don't mind):
  2. Hi, can you please PM me the info. I am unable to PM you.
  3. Hi! I tried to email you, but it says you have requested to not receive emails. I'll check back tomorrow and if you've changed it I'll send the info along then.
  4. hi, can you please email me the information at:

    thank you.
  5. What is the price for the classic pearls?
  6. 695 is the u.s. retail

    no i don't mind at all, i'm glad that my pic was of help. :smile:
  7. Thanks!:yes: