Anyone looking for Cambon Beige/Black Pochette?

  1. My SA from Saks just called and said one was returned and put it on hold for me. It is on second markdown, to $333 something. Page me and I'll let you know her contact info.
  2. What a great SA and an even sweeter PF member!! I'm so so sooo tempted but I don't think I need another beige/black piece.
  3. If my pink search turns up nothing, I'd like that number. ;)
  4. Just PM'd you...
  5. Replied with contact number. :smile:
  6. I got it thanks a bunch...
  7. congrats rocksteadybaby

    and again, ocgirl, you are too sweet!
  8. Awww, thanks Jen. I'm just glad a PF member got it. :smile:
  9. ocgirl that was a really sweet thing of you to do :smile:
  10. I'm curious. How much was it?
  11. retails $795, down to $333
  12. OcGirl that was so nice of you. I really think is so nice how we look out for each other. Rocksteadybaby, congrats on your new bag... dont forget to post pictures.
  13. Thanks girl!! I sure will post pics and yes I agree that OCGIRL is the sweetest girl she really hooked it up for me....
  14. Aww, thanks girls (blushing).