Anyone looking for Blk patent reissue 227 sz?

  1. jsut spotted one at NM Phoenix, Arizona. jsut got it in, it's FAB! Ask for Maddy, the SA I work with. number is 602-955-8000 x. 5354.

    they also have a gold metallic reissue, sz. 227, new med flap with the bijoux chain in white washed caviar.

    they also have the large classic flap with the shorter chain/leather strp in the new distressed black calfskin. It has the new madm. lock and the chain is a dark/distressed sliver. it's about a 227 size, same width as a jumbo but an inch shorter and with the 8.5 inch strap drop...

    It's lovely, they also jsut in the prefall bags, lots of the large/vinyl patent bags!

    Trish in Arizona PM me is you want to know what else they had!
  2. ooops, sorry ladies, not Neiman's, Saks Phoenix...I did give the correct phone number though
  3. its gone. that was quick. LOL. oh well

    maybe the SA was busy but she was kinda rude and abrupt. :yucky:
  4. So sorry it was gone already. Maddy, my SA, is usually very lovely, but the store is in the middle of a remodel, they are relocating the entire handbag department and her chanel boutique had no lighting/electricity when I was there, it was nuts this morning and she had jsut gotten a large pre-fall shipment....
  5. wow, that is fast. sigh...