anyone looking for black or brown weekender or black shrug?

  1. Joan Shepp has 2 weekenders left for 30% off ($969). they still have a black and brown for anyone interested. the SA said the color code of the brown is 250... is that cognac? also, they still have a black shrug for 30% off. call, call, call!!!:graucho:
  2. One of those black Weekenders is on hold for me. :lol: I'm going down there today to check it out. It's a great deal, but I am worried it will be too big on me (I'm 5'2"). So we shall see... I'm also trying to justify the purchase since I don't know what I'd use it for as I don't travel much! :hrmm:

  3. esile,
    I just got a city and am interested in the Shrug ..... how does it compare to the City?? Size?? My City is Ink and I always love black -- HELP!
  4. whoa, what is joan shepp?
  5. edna, it'll look fab on you. very excited for you! :rochard:

    pursesuader, here's pics of me carrying my ink shrug that i posted on another thread. hope that helps. i love mine. it's a great price too.
    carrying2.jpg carryingink.jpg carryingink3.jpg
  6. A small boutique in Philadelphia, PA. :yes: They sell Chloe, too, which I believe is also on sale.

    esile, now I am excited to go see it! :smile:
  7. oh man. this is bad....
  8. edna, you beat me to it. :amuse:

    anyways, their number is 215.735.2666.
    go dial now! :graucho: :yes:
  9. Thanks esile! It looks MARVELOUS on you! I'm still thinking about the black.
  10. i have to sit on my hands for this one....i have to be good.... oooooh weekender....
  11. thank you.:flowers:
    no time to think. ;)
  12. please, someone tell me that the weekender is gone
  13. whoaaaa what a GREAT price!!!! Wish I'm still in Philly to check them out myself... but I really don't need a black bag... not on my list.... not on my list... not on my list.... Somebody pleaaaaaase take them!!!! Save me from myself.....
  14. I'm not even looking for a brown or black bag, but I still grabbed the phone and almost dialed the number!!! LOL! The BBag sickness is out of control esp at those prices! Someone hurry and call so I won't be tempted anymore! ackk! Ok, I'm going to have to bury the phone...
  15. what color is the brown, is it dark brown?