Anyone looking for Balmorals who wears a 38/7.5

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  1. Wahh.. I hate my size 5 feet.
  2. The balmoral are so hot
  3. they are so hot! someone get this hot hot hot balmorals!
  4. I need 6.5/7... :crybaby:
  5. Good Lord, these are dripping with sex appeal! I am so tempted...but I have to save up my $$$ for my wedding next year. Someone grab them so I can live vicariously! LOL
  6. I saw those and was very tempted...but I find slingbacks really hard to walk in! Also, I think I'm a 37 in Vuitton sizing because my 38 Balmoral pumps were a tad loose :crybaby:
  7. wear them in your wedding! :graucho:
  8. omg I'm so tempted but I wouldn't be able to wlak in them grr
  9. The Ballerina's scream sexy french-iness! LoL

    The pumps too! :P
  10. ooooh! LOVE them AND they're in my size!! and I LOVE that purple... *sigh* must resist because I want a manhattan pm in my hands next month...
  11. OMG... you're killing me! Love them!!!

    I'm gonna consider this a blessing - just laid down money on tuition so that prevents me from going crazy and bidding!
  12. I would love a pair in RED (non-slingbacks)!!!! I kept admiring them in the window display whenever I walked past LV when they were selling these. So gorgeous!

    If someone does see red ones, in size 7, please PM me!!! :P
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