Anyone looking for AVA East West

  1. Not sure, which colour it was, as the link doesn't work.

    But NAP have the Moka East/West at £627.00 approx.

  2. I just posted in another thread that this Ava is $630 at Saks in San Diego. Give them a call 619- 260-0030.
  3. Definitely too high a price I bought mine for $719 am trying to get Nordies to price match the $630.
  4. Slickskin, I called Nordies and even though I'm within 14 days the SA (not the one I bought from) they don't think they can do a price match on this sale. She will have my rep call me tomorrow, something about whether it was a second markdown or a first. Then I called Saks, because I still have the bag they sent me to see if they could mark it down and they said no. So I said you mean I have to reorder this bag from Saks and send this one back-that makes no sense to me. What do you think I should do?
  5. Okay, my saga is ended. I found the Chloe Ava at Saks in Alabama for $620, reordered it and will send back the other two. I know there is cost involved for the returns but this bag has gone from $840 to $719, to $620, so $20 in shipping is worth the bargain.
  6. Yikes, you beat me to it ReRe! I have been trying to track down the Antelope Ava all day. I think that I called them just a little bit after you!
  7. But I am happy that you managed to track one down!!
  8. I bought Moka, not antelope, in fact when I asked them to search the computer for other stores, I only asked about Moka--you may still find your antelope. It helps if you have the SKU number for them to search with, maybe one of the girls who bought their antelope at Saks could post the AVA antelope SKU number.
  9. Need help again. The $630 Ava from Saks Alabama turned out not to be an Ava. It was a Chloe tote, but I'm not sure what it was. New SA. Luckily I hadn't returned the $720 Ava from Nordies. Got hold of my SA and she says she will try to price match it, but can't get anyone at Saks to confirm that price. One told her $770 and one wouldn't quote a price. Does anyone have an SA at saks that would be willing to speak to my Nordies SA and confirm that last price. If not I'm going to have to live with the $720 price. Also if anyone has the sku number for Saks for the moka Ava east west, maybe I could track someone down. Thanks.