Anyone looking for a white/python reporter? PM me NOW!

  1. I searched so long and hard for a white/python reporter and left my name w/ many stores. well now I have found one AND just today I recieved a call from another SA who found one for me as well.

    I told them that I already found one but I may have someone else who's interested (I just said a friend--no need to go into the whole purse forum-chanel sun-forum story. LOL)

    Anyway if anyone is looking pm me. I will give you the info and ph. number.

    This bag is gorgeous ladies. I can't wait to receive mine!!!
  2. OMG, *two* Reporters for you? LUCKY GIRL!!
  3. I have PM'd you. Thank you so much!
  4. The SA says it was sold. Sorry.

    I will let everyone know if something else pops up. i called a lot of stores and I am on "their list".

  5. OK, no worries. I've got my eye on a few other Chanels.:love:
  6. ^^I saw your wallet on ebay. Its very pretty. I wish it were black. LOL
  7. Thanks. I just bought a long offwhite Chanel wallet from the Paris New York collection. I wish I could afford to buy and keep everything.:crybaby:
  8. Im Desperately Looking For A White/python Reporter Or Medium Tote! If Anyone Has Seen Them Please Inform Me Where And I Number I Could Call! Thank You So Much For You Help! :smile: