Anyone looking for a TDF, rare bag (and it's pink)?!

  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I don't know if any of you remember the gorgeous pink medium flap from '05 I scored a few weeks ago by chance... it was the last one in the company! Welll... i was at NM in the Westchester Mall last night, and for some reason, they have another one!!! :confused1: Apparently, this one is the absolute last one in the company, and was accidentally transferred over from another store (how insane is that)?! Here is a pic or two of the bag I have, and the same one in the case available for purchase there:

    I'd like to mention that if you buy it, it will be the one in the case (though it looks pristine to me, though if anyone has a problem with that, I understand). :yes: Since it is the LAST one, anyone who loves pink, or is looking for a gorgeous, perfect for spring pink flap should call NM asap! The number is 914-428-2000, and the SA I really like, Michael Ankrah's ext. is 2517. Otherwise, just ask to be transferred to Chanel handbags! I hope one of you fabulous ladies gets it!!! :yes:

  2. OMG, this bag is TDF, the colour is so fabulously shocking, :heart: Loves it!:heart:
    If only I lived in the U.S . . . . . . . . .
    Someone snap this baby up quickly!
  3. How much is it again?
  4. HOW MUCh is this baby? It's like my dream bag!
  5. That's the one I saw, the color is so pretty!
  6. 1995 i believe, pretty color
  7. Very pretty bag
  8. GAWD I wish it was Jumbo :sad:
  9. Awesome Color!!!!!!!
  10. That is such a gorgeous color...
  11. ..Such a beauty!!! Hope someone gets this!!
  12. Hi everyone! I was away and just got back... it was $1995, unfortunately even though it is an '05 color, they marked the price to match the increase. I think the color is really stunning IRL, and the increased price is bearable considering how pretty it is! :smile: I hope someone gets it or got it!
  13. thank you for the number. i called this weekend for 2 things and they are fabulous!
  14. Ohhh, I'm so glad you were able to use the number and find what you were looking for :smile:
  15. did someone buy this already?