Anyone looking for a Rouge Theater City?

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  1. There is one on in gorgeous condition! I know I read someone was looking for one. Grab it now!:yahoo:
  2. it's been seriously raining rouge theater cities and 05 black cities lately =) AMAZING how they are hard to find for so long and then everywhere for a while..i bet in a month or so there won't be anymore anywhere again and everyone will be searching for them =) the one on bagpassion looks yummy!!!
  3. ^^ You are so right! I've wanted a Black City 05 or earlier, but the prices are killing me!:noggin:
  4. Gosh, this is killing me! But at $1900 I think I need to check out Ruby IRL and see if it's an acceptable (and cheaper) 2nd choice...argh!
  5. Funny how that happens, huh? The same thing happened a while back ... with the '05 Apple Green color, and then all of a sudden a bunch of the '05 Magenta's show up. Don't know about you folks, but some of the prices that I've been seeing for the old bags ... YIKES!!! :tdown:
  6. Personally I prefer the new Rubisse (Ruby) to any of the older reds, so I am going that route. Just don't wanna pay an arm and a leg for the older ones. I like brand new too.