Anyone looking for a reissue in Purple 226 (or Navy 225)?

  1. Alright ladies, two very lovely SAs just emailed me to say the metallic purple reissue in the 226 (medium) size under my name are here. Unfortunately I realised that I would rather have a purple in 225 (and a box from Nordies is headed to me) so, if anyone here is looking for the purple in 226 size please drop me a PM and I can pass the 2 SAs' contacts to you (FYI, it's not from the Chanel stores but from NM/Saks).

    In addition, the loveliest SA from a Chanel store also rang me up today to inform me that the metallic navy and purple reissues in the 225 size have arrived in their stores (he has both of them under my name too and the store brought in 2 of each in that size). So again, if anyone is interested, just drop me a PM. :yes:
  2. that is very sweet of you!

    i'm so glad that all of these purples and navies are coming in stock!! it has been a loonnnggg wait!
  3. Thanks for posting it, appreciate it!
  4. no problem at all ladies! i've received a couple of PMs, so i'm crossing my fingers the ones I've replied have managed to find what they're looking for. ;)