anyone looking for a pouchette in pink?

  1. G.-conn. Saks has one at $453.56-for details call claudia sa at 1-203-862-5300-she said they have one pouchette.
  2. note to self: I don't need a pochette, I don't need a pochette, I don't need a pochette! crap, I hope I have the restraints!
  3. Saks in Chevy Chase had one recently as well, I don't know if it's still there.
  4. Why so expensive though? That's the price of a pochette at NM and their sale is not as good as Saks. I thought Saks had 40% off and then additional 30% off? $453.56 seems a little too much for a pochette at Saks. Still a nice buy though! Does anyone know if it's still available?
  5. yeah. i got mine for $333.83 at saks last week...
  6. Call them, it is probably 4something less 30% now...
  7. WOW !!! I really hope I score when I head down to Detroit this week ! :amuse:
  8. omg!! i hope i can get mine soon.
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