Anyone looking for a Pink Sophia?

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  1. A few seasons ago, but timeless in style. It's on sale. I just got one!:yahoo: Add freeship1 at checkout for free shipping too!
  2. Congrats on your Sophia!

    I can't see the link, it probably is sold out.. Hope you got a great deal on it!
  3. I saw it was still available after I bought mine, but I guess it went quick. It was $465 with shipping, about 1/2 off the original price. Probably could have gotten it off Ebay for a better price, but I am just not trusting yet and still need to connect to the right PFers!

    I will post pics of it, along with my Ursula Small Black Patent Bowler.
  4. For those who want to use the link, I think you have to have chosen the international version of Net-A-Porter. It's still available from what I can see.
  5. Yep, it is STILL AVAILABLE. Somehow you need to get into the "sale" section (I could get into it after I registered onto the site), and it's there.
  6. I wonder how you get to the sale section? I registered, but it doesn't love me... oh well.
  7. I registered, and then they send you an email to "confirm." Once you get the email, click on the message itself (to start shopping) to be connected and for some reason that's the only way I can get the "sale" section to show up on the upper right.
  8. I got it to work! Complicated, whew... I registered, signed in, and then set it as International. I can see all the sale bags! This is bad news for me.. LOL.
  9. ^ I shouldn't be checking NAP's Sale page, but I would like to know which MJ items are there. =)
  10. Thithi- I know, this is a dangerous website. I had checked out Net-A-Porter before, but never linked onto their "sale" section. Not just the bags, but even the clothes are TDF! Good thing I checked out before looking at the clothes... don't forget free shipping.

    BagLover- Thanks, I'm so excited! I have always liked the Stella on other people but it looks huge on me (or maybe it's me). So this is great... I'm actually sending it to work b/c my husband will freak out if he finds out I got ANOTHER bag (just got the bowler two weeks ago).

    I'm currently eye-ing Chanels for a xmas present to myself. These blogs are NOT HELPING ... I'm totally addicted.
  11. I'm sure you won't regret this purchase, Sophia is a classic style & Rose Quartz is a gorgeous color. All the styles from Soft Calf Classic Collection (Stella, Sophia, Blake, Venetia, MPs, Cammie) are great, you can't go wrong with any of them. =) I like these styles even more than the quilted bowler. Tell your hubby that Sophia is no longer made and it's almost half off. =)

    I can relate on purse addiction. =)
    Which Chanel bag are you eyeing?

  12. Baglover- I'm eyeing a few Chanels, but the boutique here is limited and my SA is trying to just sell me what's on the shelf. The other SA's are just obnoxious, following me around and literally "rearranging" each bag I touch right after I touch them, as if I'm messing them up. I know they wonder where I'm getting the $$$$.

    That said, I'm thinking the black Petit Shopper, Black classic flap, Modern Chain tote, or Diamond Stitch Small Tote... I need something over the shoulder but the Grand Shopper/Cabas is still too big for me. I think the first Chanel bag should be black, but that's just me.

    I'll probably call an SA at a NM or Bloomies (maybe Vegas), because if they can charge/send it, NO SALES TAX!! (there's no NM here)

    Also, My husband can't say too much, b/c I am the breadwinner of the house. LOL. But he is an investment, he'll pass me in a few years.