Anyone looking for a Lizard Kelly (clutch?) with Diamond hardware

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  1. No I am not selling it. But I know a certain hermes store that has it available. If you are interested please PM me. its about 20,OOO.

    I dont know if I am allowed to do this but once again I am not selling it. Its AT the Hermes store.

    SOMEONE GET IT!!! its gorgeous!!!
  2. I wish.... :smile:
  3. Well....I'd not only have to mortgage the house and sell my soul to the devil but rob a bank as well!

    I think I'll have to pass on this one.......
  4. heheh I know .....the things I was thinking of doing for this bag ......oh the devil would own me 3 lifetime over...hahhahahha its gorgeous thoe.....
  5. what is the colour and which clutch to be precise :whistle:
  6. Go, lilach, go!!
  7. :shame: i am thinking about it but for that price it has to be perfect. waiting for her response [​IMG]
    ah and is i yellow or white gold hardware
  8. For that amount of price, I'd rather buy a watch.
  9. I just love your smilies! Anyway, I'm dying to know what it is, too!
    Would you take black with palladium/diamond?
    I can only imagine how beautiful it would be!
  10. black with white gold would be nice but some colour maybe nicer :smile: wah where is she :lol:
  11. 20K? I can use 20K right about now ...
  12. Lilach it would be so stunning! I am wanting to hear for myself...not to purchase just to dream.
  13. we are currently figuering out what exactly it is but it is black with white gold but unfortunately only princess diamonds on the knob not on the closure plates

    edit: so it is a jpg kelly clutch
  14. You have to let us know if you do decide to get it!! I'm seriously living vicariously through you.
  15. i am unsure due to the fact it "only" has the diamonds on the knob. and its princess cut so how many stones could that be 5 or 6? mhmm i really dunno