anyone looking for a LIMITED EDITION wallet??

  1. so awhile back I posted about this beautiful wallet that was on the Japan website. Well I had called 888 and was told that the only color available was for brass/khaki/mahogany. Well I actually found the pink one pictured below this past week. I'm not sure if they can ship or exactly how it works but for anyone looking specifically for this pink one, the DFS Galleria in Waikiki, HI has this one in the Coach section on the second floor. The cost is $348 but it is limited edition and soooo pretty IRL.

  2. Oh man! I wish!! I love this wallet
  3. they are open till 11pm hawaii time which is 3 hours behind pst.

    330 Royal Hawaiian Ave
    Honolulu, HI 96815
    (808) 931-2655
  4. oh and the prices in general for Coach in HI is sooo expensive! For the same wallet I got here for $248, they wanted $308 there for it!! :wtf: so basically I didn't buy anything there.
  5. wow its a beautiful wallet:smile:
  6. That wallet is gorgeous!

    I'm not sure if all pieces that coordinate with that wallet are considered limited edition but here they are...:p
    11299.jpg 11301.jpg 40844.jpg 40851.jpg
  7. When I first saw these on the Drilldown, I called Coach CS and was told the Ergo Tote is $458 and the Slim Envelope Wallet is $268. I didn't ask for the prices on the other items.
  8. Gorgeous!!
  9. OMFG!!!!!! THAT COLLECTION IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND TDF :drool::heart::love::girlsigh:
  10. ohh and does anyone know the style # for the pouch?
    and can we use the PCE discount to buy them?
  11. missaudrie, the style number for the pouch is 40851.

    I don't know if the PCE discount can be used on these items. If you or anyone else finds out, please let us know. :p
  12. spacytracy, do you know if these pieces are considered limited edition items as well?
    11302.jpg 11303.jpg 11304.jpg
  13. Sooooooooooo cute!! But there's no way I'd pay that price for it!! And yes, our Hawaii Coach prices are marked up by 20%... Welcome to our world! *lol* But I do like the fact that the outlet is two minutes from my parents house. Hehe.
  14. oh wow it IS reallly pretty!
  15. yeah the wallet for us here is $268 but only available in khaki/mahogany, not pink. :sad: