anyone looking for a khaki baby cabas? i have one!!

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  1. hey ladies,
    i recently was on the search for a khaki cabas myself and had my information on hold for a few SA's if they should find one. As it happens, I located one and another was sent to me at the same time! So, I will be returning one to the Nordstroms in Topanga Mall today. If anyone is looking for one, it will be there today at around 5pm. I hope a tPF'er gets it!
  2. Oh yea, the store number is 818-884-7900 x1255.
  3. congrats on your new khaki baby cabas! i am still loving my black one.
  4. I think it's too late for me too call now, right?! Anyway, can anyone help and give me the model number? Thanks in advance! :smile: