Anyone looking for a Karo PM?

  1. There are two of them, both in what I believe is Brighton Blue Chevre, at Mitchells department store in Westport, CT. They also have a Bebop in Rose Dragee Swift and a Bebop in Gold Swift.

    I posted this because rumor has it the Karo is being discontinued and I know that caused a small panic! (I want one too but not that size)
  2. :nuts: The PM is what I want!!!!! *cries* And I want blue!!! I hate being broke! How much is it?
  3. Thanks for the info :heart:
  4. CYN I was in HI and they confirmed it the Karo is being discontinued!:crybaby::crybaby:
  5. RBB I think it's $710 plus tax.

    Julide, I was afraid of that! :sad:
  6. Oh, no!
  7. I just saw a fuschia pink chevre Karo at the Marunouchi Hermes (in the show window).
  8. I just bought a Turquoise PM Karo Chevre Mysore at SG.

    They have light blue & rose dragee left.... Taka store.
  9. How pretty!!! I am loving my Karo PM.

    "Taka" store, do you mean "Takashimaya" by chance?
  10. Yes :flowers:, takashimaya department store has a Hermes boutique in there. Singapore has one flagship store at Liat Towers, two DFS (Duty Free Shop) stores- one at Scotts Road & the other at airport (no big boxes on sale here....)
  11. Tokyo girl, so did u just pick up the fushia pink karo???
  12. I did, but from a reseller (for a really great price) since I couldn't find one at the H boutique...

    I use it to carry around my cell phone and Blackberry, which I find is the perfect size...
  13. well done TG! Fushia is very nice POP colour!
  14. It's so nice to know that Mitchell's is still in business! Especially when so many other independent full-service stores have closed over the past two decades.
  15. I hate that they are discontinuing the Karo. I have it in Brighton Blue and it fits in my handbags so well.