Anyone looking for a Hologram spy?

  1. For all you ladies who love the Hologram their is one listed on eBay 320076297079 $1,800 looks pretty good to me.
  2. It looks gorgeous! I hope some TPfer with a fat bank account gets it. What are you doing looking at spys at 1 am, Saich?
  3. I am in England, different time, but I am up early.

    Yes this bag is quite expensive but then it is a Hologram which is meant to be in excellent condition.
  4. What a GORGEOUS bag.:drool: If I weren't close to being b-bag bankrupt I'd probably go for it.
  5. It's from our fellow PF'er or did Fayden take the pictures! Lovely!
  6. i likey!

    But trying to be good at the moment!
  7. Oh, how I LOVE the hologram.:love: With all of my other recent purchases, I don't think I can swing it though. I makes me sad, but I hope a nice PFer gets it and gives it a loving home.
  8. Ohhhhh wow I want this bag haha :smile: Does anyone have modeling pics (those of you lucky gals who have the Hologram Spy)? Also, do you find that the metallic is more delicate, prone to rubbing at the edges especially easier, etc? Thanks! :smile:

  9. this is a bit strange, but it could be nothing. Is this Fayden's listing? She usually takes lots of pictures and they're very nice/professional looking. Fayden would know to show all the features of the bag for authentication. this listing doesn't have many pictures and doesn't sound like a Fayden listing. Are these pics stolen or is this Fayden's listing, or Fayden allowed someone to use her pics?

    Any thoughts?
  10. Deco I was going to say the same thing and then thought nah maybe it's just me.

    Coould we get in touch with Fayden and find out somehow?
  11. On looking at this again Deco, which I did not notice when I listed this thread, why are 2 of the photos watermarked and the others are not.....
  12. Ah yes, thank you girls! She stole my photos even with my name on it. I've contacted her to have them removed. I've asked her nicely. We'll see.... What a pain! Ruthless....
  13. I would say judging from their two photos that they posted (not counting mine and the celebrity one, don't bid..... !!
  14. wow what ppl do seriously
  15. Could it be that she's lazy to take picture of her own or is there something wrong with it??