anyone looking for a gold mirror lockit?....

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  1. just got back from KOP , they have one lock it. they are closed now. call asap , they open 10 am est. Good luck!!
  2. Wow I'm pretty surprised it's still available, I hear there are a few in other places as well!
  3. Thanks for the info.....I guess they're not so "limited" as we all thought?!
  4. I was shocked it was there hanging out in the case, a return I suppose. I hope a pfer gets it and doesnt have to buy from eBay
  5. I don't understand.. why LV produced Limited Edition bags without advertised?

    How do they know that people will know about it if it's not advertised?
  6. wow still available. I wish I got the silver speedy.
  7. I just called the store. I was more into the silver, but gold would've been fine too, but alas, it sold :sad:.