Anyone looking for a Chocolate spy?

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  1. Theirs a nice Chocolate spy been listed its authentic in my mind, 270064002629. I would buy it but just bought a yummy one from Estile. Think this is the second time listed and its gone down in price. Just thought I would post this in case anyone wanted one.
  2. ^ Thanks! I'll check it out.:smile:
  3. Go for it, katgrrrl! :graucho:
  4. Katgrrrl, I like the worn in look of that Spy...Goodluck!:yes:

  5. Nice price - but only if you don't mind the worn look! It looks alright when its on different parts of the bag.. but the area near the handles :sDon't think I could do that!
  6. Both are so pretty...good luck katgrrrl!!!
  7. Awwww, you guys are so sweeeet! Thanx! I like it here. You all understand a girls' love of a $2000 handbag.