Anyone looking for a Botkier Bianca?

  1. My favorite eBay seller told me she just got a shipment in of Biancas in various colors and wanted to know if I knew anyone who wanted one. You can contact her at and Lninos is the eBay name. I almost buy all of my bags exclusively from them. Greatest prices on eBay.
  2. ooh! thanks for the heads up Lexie! As much as I love the Botkier - I don't think I should get another one... sigh...

    You think you can also let us know if they get more gusttos in? LOL
  3. Yeah, thanks for the "hook up!" I'm going ever to Ebay right now!

  4. They actually do have a gustto baca in black on ebay right now! jump on it!!!!! :smile:

    ANd lexie do you know what colors hehe
    when will they list them i wonder,,i checked but they arent up there yet
  5. I'm actually looking for a large Baca or a Setela - this is a medium baca.. so not really waht I am looking for - I did email Lninos about that! But thanks for the heads up!~

    See I have always wanted to buy from them - that's where I first saw a Botkier Bianca in Denim - I saw it - went downstairs for dinner, ate really fast and came back up - and the ITS GONE! (I still remember it to this day LOL) - I emailed them asking if they have another one and they only had the one.. and never had another one :sad: So I know their stuff sell out FAST!
  6. She didn't tell me the colors, and I'm not sure she will list them. I do all of my sales with her off ebay. She gives me a break because she doesn't have to pay ebay fees. After having numerous ebay deals with her, and after we formed a trust, I just write her and tell her what I need. As far as Gusttos, I just told her what I wanted and she gets in touch with Gustto and puts in an order for me, so if there is something you want in particular, she can probably order it. I don't think she places mass orders for Gusttos unless she knows she can sell them.
  7. ohhh ok well thats interesting maybe i will email her and see what she has and such! thanks lexie
  8. Well either way Lexie, thanks for the headsup!
    I actually really like this seller - they take great pictures and the price is actually not bad! I guess I have to do a purchase from them on ebay first so we can form some trust... I hate it when people don't trust me!
  9. Vira just told me that she can get Current Gusttos and Koobas pretty fast when she places an order so she doesn't stockpile them. So write and ask about a particular bag. You don't have to worry about a trust issue or authenticity issue with LNinos.
    As far as the Botkiers....obviously Botkier doesn't like when they list large amounts of Botkiers on ebay for less than retail so she only outs them up sparingly. So if you are interested, write her and ask her what she has.
  10. Well when i say trust issue - I was just worried that they won't trust me hahaha...
    I think I am too easily trusting people LOL... but I can tell they sell real deals.. otherwise they would have been banned long ago!

    oh i got a response from them (i decided i want a Botkier Sasha Duffle)

    She said for that bag I have to order 4 months in advance because she can't get the current colours anymore - just those for fall! YIKES!
  11. Yea, she only mentioned to me that she got Biancas in. She said if we want to get Fall colors and be first to have them, we have to order 4 months in advance.

    I just ordered my Gustto from her early last week and she said it should be in this week, so that's not bad but I am just getting a color she told me they had available.

    And don't have to do an ebay purchase from her first. She has taken orders from others in good faith. I was just saying that I didn't feel comfortable doing deals off ebay for awhile until I formed a trust. Ebay can be scary.
  12. I agree - I only have 100+ feedback but I have experienced enough to know that there are a lot of nasty people out there! :yucky:
  13. OH OH, I am beside myself with Joy. LNinos told me she could get me my DREAM bag! A Gryson Jasper in Woven leather in INDIGO!!! They won't be in until August so she's placing my order now. She told me that from the line sheet the colors for this bag are Indigo, Cerise, Chocolate, Moss and one other color. Here's the bag at NM from Spring.
  14. Lexie2000, Gryson does not sell to ebay retailers, i would not trust this seller with this bag. it would not be an authentic gryson.
  15. Thanks for the heads up but I have bought dozens of bags from her and they are definitely all authentic. She is a buyer for a boutique and deals with several major brands. Ebay is only an aside.