Anyone looking for a Blue Glacier or Vert Gazon PT?

  1. I'm returning those two to Nordstrom's Sacramento. They both have really really nice leather. I just can't afford them. If you are interested in them give Barbara a call. 916-646-2400.
  2. Are they GH or RH? Many thanks for posting! :yes:
  3. I don't think we're allowed to post things like this anymore are we??? I'm still confused...
  4. Oh right!!! I get it...We can in this section only...Is that right???
  5. They are RH. I apologize if I am not supposed to post this. I was just trying to help someone if they are looking for this particular bag. Again I apologize, I'm new. Just to clarify I'm not selling them myself, I returned them to Nordstroms. Sorry again if this is not allowed.
  6. I think it is fine to share info like this! You were only talking about inventory at an authorized retailer. There was no personal gain in it for you other than good bbag info sharing karma!

  7. Well said, I agree. :tup:
  8. as above said, i think you should be fine!! too bad i don't live in SF area! :sad:
  9. :wtf: I just saw your original post on these... and for the sale price!! WOWZA... you've just caught my interest...

    Thanks for letting us know!:tup:

  10. what are the sale price on the bags at nordies?
  11. Well, KAOKim, I just called this minute and found out that the particular Blue India Part Time you got was the ONLY moto bag in their system that went on sale. There are no more motorcycle style sale items, according to Barbara.
  12. ^ fiat, it's on sale? For how much?
  13. Sorry I wasn't clear! The Blue India Part Time is already SOLD to KAOKim. :p In fact, she bought it when it was NOT on sale ... her SA was nice enough to call her and give her the discount after the fact. KAOKim struck it lucky!!! Congrats! :tup:
  14. Wow! Congrats KAOKim!