Anyone looking for a black muse?

  1. Is this real? Why is it so cheap?
  2. yes it's real. She is socal our fellow forum member. i would like to buy this bag. I saw one today and I loved the look.
  3. Ahhh, why so inexpensive?
  4. It's very nice, but I prefer the larger size. I wonder why socal is selling it? Maybe she likes the big one too?
  5. I checked my bag and it's definitely authentic, but the only problem I question is the HEIGHT of the bag, which she states is 10"?! I paid $1195 but my bag is 14" in height!
  6. Omigod! :amazed: , I just realized Neiman's charged me for the Medium Muse and gave me the Oversized Muse! Should I inform them of the mistake? ;) ....I don't think so.
  7. wow that is a good deal
  8. It is a good deal because I want to sell it! I purchased the black leather before the chocolate ostrich was available...then purchased the chocolate ostrich...decided I did not need 2 muse bags... And have been on a Chloe binge recently (with signs of wanting more)...
  9. Wow!!!!!! SoCal, that is a great deal! I'm going to keep my eye on only issue is the black. I really loved the brown but wondered if I would use the black? Hmm...decisions decisions....

    But if anyone is selling a brown Muse, let me know too! I'd prefer the med or lrg!!! TIA!!!!!!:P
  10. Good luck with your search!
  11. SoCal, good luck selling your bag. I would have bought it in a heartbeat if I didn't have one already.
  12. ooh, anyone knows if i buy it and get it sent to the UK, would I be taxed? the tax is pretty hefty i reckon, abt 20% extra of the declared value!
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