Anyone looking for a Black Lamb Chevron Jumbo???

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    If so my SA has one. I really want it but I am waiting for the CC Pocket Tote!

    Try Mariela at NM San Diego if interested!

  2. Okay yes I am comenting on my own post - This bag is Georgy!!! Someone PLEASE snatch her up
  3. [FONT=Default Sans Serif,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]BG are receiving more Black Jumbo's in their next shipment, which should be there in the next few weeks.[/FONT]
  4. the chevron is truly yummy. especially in lamb! i just cannot go there. it would be a very slippery slope. i figure if i still to "timeless classic" flaps i am at least a bit more restrained in my buying, but i sure hope someone snaps this up!
  5. Well I actually went into the store and guess what she has - gulp - the MOST AMAZING purple blue (periwinkle) GST with aged (looks like nickel) hardware I have ever seen in my life! Oh I want it so bad BUT I am waiting to see the CC Pocket Tote first. If anyone is looking for this GET IT! AMAZING! I believe it is the S/S 10 Blue. I forgot to get the code but I will when she gets back. She is on long weekend!
  6. The new blue GST IS beautiful!!!! I don't want another GST, or else I would be getting this one:P What color pocket tote are you waiting to see?
  7. I am waiting for the black. Boring I know but believe or not I have NO black bags. WIERD right?!?! I am DEFINITLY getting something in that color. Hoping for a WoC or a Wallet - something anything but I can't buy another GST!