anyone looking for a black courier (?)

  1. i've got one on hold @ "Barney's" in's the last one in the regular size & the leather's gorgey!!! :drool:...PM me if you're interested & i'll give you the info...i was holding it for a friend of mine who can't take it now...but hopefully it can make another lucky lady happy :tender:
  2. ^^ wow, no takers anyone?!?! :wtf:
  3. hey H - i think zacorey was on the hunt for one - maybe she hasn't seen this thread yet...
    i was wanting one, but i'm too broke:crybaby:
  4. ^^^thanks nic~ Bama already told me about this!!! I can't buy it right now either!!!:crybaby:Someone should jump on it b/c Bama picks the best bags!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  5. bummer - i so want one too! i got no $$ for b-bags right now either :crybaby:
  6. ^^ thanks for your replies gals :tender:

    p.s. sorry nobody can be her momma now :sad:
    p.p.s. i'm gonna call the SA & have her take
    it off hold tonight
  7. hey you know if it's a f/w 07 bag? I'm curious to know if Barney's ordered the courier this season. thanks.
  8. ^^ nope, it was an '06 & the SA told me they haven't ordered any in '07 :sad:...the courier is truly an endangered species these days...btw, i love your new plomb courier sweetie!!! :heart:

  9. Thanks! no really can't find this style anywhere in this country least from current season. :sad: