Anyone looking for a Beige/black reporter?

  1. I have one on hold but decided against it. If you want it I can give you the name and number of the SA helping me.

    Send me a PM
  2. Never mind. The SA could not hold it any longer. I didnt hear from anyone so I told her she could take it off hold

    Sorry ladies. This bag was on sale too!!!! No one PM'ed me

    I just was not into the colorthat much. I really like the black ones better.
  3. how much was it?
  4. I think it was like $1666 or something like that.

    Too bad no one PM'ed me. I wanted a PF'er to get it
  5. can i ask which Saks you had it on hold at?
  6. OMG tell me!!! PM me with the info! Thanks!
  7. fr2nc1z, I think it was sold! If I remember correctly, someone else was waiting for Iluvbags to release it from hold, and then they bought it.
  8. It was the Neimans in Chicago. I think she sold it yesterday.
    You could always call to double check.

    I need to look for the number. Send me a PM and I'll find it.
  9. And? Did you buy the black reporter?
  10. I am looking for a beige cambon reporter (the larger of the two sizes) with the BLack CC on it. Could anyone tell me whether those are still available and how many sizes there are?
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