Anyone looking for a Balenciaga City Medium in Magenta???

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  1. Okay girls, you all know how much I lusted his bag but the guilt is too much and I own waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too many bags. If anyone is looking for this bag. Let me know. Danke!

    Holly aka bagaddict
  2. so how much is this bag?
  3. how much are you selling it for? and what kind of condition is it in? i'm a newbie here, so i'm not sure how it works... let me know though, thanks!!
  4. I am possibly interested depending on if I can afford it :love: Please PM me!

  5. Is there a pic? I can't see one on the site.
  6. Ditto for me too! Though I need another city bag like I need a hole in the head. :biggrin:
  7. OH GOD ME!
    I love the magenta color
    Please PM me and tell me how much you were looking for...
  8. Me as well...BTW, love your quote at the bottom, too funny!!!!
  9. *sigh* i wish it was a FIRST! :biggrin:

  10. Helen, you crack me up - I'm gonna help you find a first magenta! When my Mom gets sick of the First Magenta (and she will) I'll pop you an email. Promise! :smile:

  11. Magenta is a great color. Can you post pics?
  12. a2_1.JPG e8_1.JPG 21_1.JPG 32_1.JPG f2_1.JPG
  13. glad you get my "brokeback" joke :amuse:
  14. never mind, it's already sold.....congrats.
  15. NO, it's not sold!!! That's the auction that I bought it from!!! I have the bag and it's still available. I just put the auction link so you could see all the details, pics, etc.


    Thanks! Holly