Anyone looking for 2.55 metallic purple or navy in size 225?

  1. My SA just offer me a purple metallic reissue in both color purple or navy blue. They're all size 225 or small. I'm waiting for jumbo size. It's comming from NY so there is no tax.
  2. OHohohohoh I think that's the one I'm waiting on! Can you send me your SA info?

  3. BTW this size 225 cost $2495. Also my SA has 1 silver in size 226 cost $2695 something.
  4. I have been looking for a dark navy 225. Can you give me your SA info? Thank you. ;)
  5. Many thanks, Ann -- I should be receiving one of the purples next Wed!!
  6. oh wow! congrats jmen to getting this! can't wait to see pics!! :tup:

    - were these come from the chanel boutiques or the department stores (Saks, nm, etc)?

    i am waiting for Saks to call me on the 225 purple. i am #2 on the list and #1 got hers i think.
  7. I'm sorry. My inbox is full so I can see what was PM to me. If you did not get my response, please rePM to me.
  8. Congratulation! Did you get it tax free?
  9. that's a lovely bag...unfortunately the size is too small for me!
  10. Yes, I'm in a tax-free zone because the only thing WV has is Wal-Mart. (I kid you not.)