Anyone live where there are no/hardly any other LVs?

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  1. I live in a smallish city sort of in a farming area, and I swear I must be the only person in this town with any LV (not that there's anything wrong with that, LOL).
    I never notice anyone staring at my bags (but none of them are that flashy so maybe no-one notices), which is fine with me. I've never seen any fakes and I've never had anyone ask about my LV, unlike so many other posters here.
    I don't think anyone here would know the difference between a fake and a real LV... or at least very few people would. And the nearest LV store is about 8 hours away.
    Anyone else in an area like this?
  2. i live two hours away from the nearest lv store. there are some lv around but not loads. i think that many are fakes. do you mind to say where you are located? if you don't wish to say no problem.
  3. Sorry I am paranoid about giving out personal info on the net. But I will say that I am in Canada.
  4. Sure do! I live in northern Minnesota...the nearest mall is 75 miles away and certainly has no LV! I have seen one real LV in the past year and numerous really awful fakes...all in the monogram or mc lines. I usually wear a damier or epi bag and I don't think anyone knows they're LV...fine with me! I am a pretty conservative dresser and am not looking to flash my bags!
    Coach bags are the most expensive bags a person here would carry and I don't see too many of them, either.
  5. The closest LVs are about an hour away from me (the closest ones are 45 minutes on a good day). I don't see LV as much as I see Coach or Dooney; I'll probably see 5-8 max if I go to a mall/highly populated shopping area. As much as I like admiring other people's bags, I wouldn't mind living in an area with little or no LV (makes me less conspicuous).
  6. I live in a city that does not have a LV Boutique:crybaby:, although a few women carries beautiful LV bags here. The closest LV boutique is 18 hours drive and it cost about $1,000.00 CAD by plane. Thank goodness my husband work for one of the airline companies. So i do my shopping at LV boutique periodically.:crybaby:
  7. there is only one lv boutique for the whole philippines! its in manila and about 20-30 minutes away from me. :smile:
  8. I live no where near a botique but people know what they are. There are alot of fake bags here really sad. I was in a store not to long ago carry a Christian Dior saddle bag. A lady came up to me said my bag was cute and CD were her initials too. I can't believe she thought the bag was my initials I did'nt know what to say so I just said thanks:lol:
  9. There is only one LV boutique in Minneapolis, although, I don't go there very often. I prefer shopping on elux in the comfort of my home... plus, there's ****** and no tax!!!

    I see LV every now and then, but not very many. I've seen about the same amount of fakes vs authentic, though. I see Coach far more often around here.
  10. totally don't blame you! i don't give mine out either. but the fact that you are in canada answers my question. thanks!
  11. My closest Lv is about 2 hours away too. REAL LV's where I live are EXTREMELY rare, which is why I think everyone looks at me as if I have 2 heads when I go out with mine
  12. I'm about 2hrs on a good day from lv. When i say good day that is very few and far between (LOL) traffic to Toronto is just horrendous.
    in any event there are no ral lv's here, tons of fakes thats about it.
  13. I'm about 2 hours away from Chicago and 3 from there are very few Lvs here. On game days I see the older women carrying them to football games (probably alumnas or married to an alumni LOL). There are a few girls on campus who have them...which is to be expected since it is a predominantly upper-class school. I was actually surprised not to see more LVs on campus given the demographics!
    I actually saw a professor carrying a Croc Birkin one day.....I wanted to run and hug her and say "You probably understand my obsession with purses" LOL
  14. Bookish and Siworae--I'm also from MN!! I agree, not too many LV around here. I work in Mpls. though, so I do see a few and I visit the boutique often!
  15. same with me. i see fakes, though. (WAY more fakes than real- pocketbook parties are popular around here- you go to a party and buy fake/knockoff bags, jewelry,etc.)