Anyone live near Thunder Bay, Ontario?

  1. What a horror. Against my better judgement, I agreed to do a sale outside eBay to someone who was interested in my Juicy Couture items. We agreed to send at same time, and when her envelope arrived (with tracking number) it was empty.

    Now she's claiming that my items are fake, and she's notified police that they are fake so that she can't send them back to me? Does anyone know if there is any way I can file mail fraud with the local police in Thunder Bay, where she is? Will they even look into the complaint? She claims she'll give it back if someone picks it up from her residence as she says it's illegal to send knockoffs through mail?

    :crybaby: Any advice on mail fraud filing with RCMP is appreciated.
  2. And this is why its best to NEVER do a sale outside the rules of eBay.

    Im sorry you went thru this. :sad:
  3. *sigh* I wish there were more good-hearted people in the world. I'm too trusting sometimes. :sad:
  4. I'm sorry this happened, but karma will fix her butt. Hope you didn't lose too much.
  5. Good Luck! I really don't think there is much you can do. However, she didn't know the items were fake until she received them right? So why was her envelope blank?
  6. I would have lost $240 US

    (1 tracksuit set, 1 pants, 1 tracksuit top, fragrance...all Juicy Couture)

    But I am a mean fighting ***** and it ended pretty well. Here's the story.

    -she further threatened me with suing me with a laywer and saying her dad's a cop, and she's reporting me for selling knockoffs....THAT"S WHEN I GOT PISSED

    -I lost it. I started compiling receipts from NM and my CC bill, postal receipts, her emails, etc. Then I asked her for her attorney's contact information, and informed her that I will be filing mail fraud with her local RCMP branch and mine (haven't done it, but intend to see if I could tomorrow)

    -then I put up an classifieds ad in Thunder Bay saying that if someone volunteers to do a local pickup at her house for me, they can choose 2 pieces of Juicy couture clothing to keep, just send me back the rest

    -this evening, someone suprised her while she was taking a smoke break outside her house and bullied her into giving up the package. It seems she's already pulled off all the tags and started wearing them (both pants are dirty). So she never had intention of paying me (and all that email BS about how she's horrified she supposedly "Fake" items that she'd NEVER ever wear out)

    -my guardian angel in Thunder Bay has emailed me back and will be posting my items back to me tomorrow

    *happy sigh* I never thought it would end so well, but it did, and it's over. And that gives me hope in people again. I can finally sleep again, and stop stressing (past 3 days were hell)
  7. hmm, isnt that called trespassing? (the part where someone came onto her property and threatned her?) In some areas trespassing is an offense or misdemeanor covered by a criminal code. I would make sure you were not in violation of any laws, just in case she catches onto this and decides to pursue you on this. In any case, glad you are getting your things back..but next time I would be careful sending a stranger to another strangers home, you never know who has a gun these days and is capable of what.
  8. so her payment was supposed to be in the envelope? and you had already sent out the items before you had the payment?:wtf:

  9. That's true, come to think of it. I didn't know the girl was going to go over there before emailing me about it so I could email the lady. The girl lives a street away though, so she thought she'd give it a try and lo and behold, the lady was outside her home on a smoke break. I'm just glad that I got my stuff back, it's too late to worry about violation of laws... it's done, and if she presses charges, I'll have to deal with it then.

    Yeah :push: I'm naive like that. I've done "same time sending" before, where I send people their item, and they send their payment (money order, cheque) in the mail at the same time and provide me with a tracking # for the envelope. So when she emailed me about it, no red flags went up at all. For future, I don't know if I can take the chance for anything but paypal anymore.

  10. I would also suggest that you do NOT ship out until payment is in your hand (so to speak).

    Good to hear you are getting your stuff back!