Travel Anyone live in the Cary / Apex / Triangle are of NC?


Sep 10, 2007
Does anyone here live in the Cary / Apex / Triangle area of North Carolina? If so, I'd love to hear about the area! DBF and I grew up in and currently live in the suburbs of NYC, but the cost of living is so high that we have been considering moving to NC to see how we like it. I've heard that the Cary area is nice, but aside from what I've read online I don't know too much about it.

I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts on living in the area- we are 25 and 27 and I wonder if we will be bored there? Is it more for families? Should we be looking in Raleigh instead?

If you live there, have lived there, or know someone who does, please let me know what the area is like, what the plus and minuses to living there are, and whether you think a young couple with no kids (and no plans for them in the near future) would enjoy living there. Thanks so much for the help! Any suggestions of good neighborhoods would be welcome too! :biggrin:


Aug 31, 2009
It sounds like you guys would be much happier in Raleigh. I grew up in between the Cary, Fuquay-Varina area and live in Wilmington now. Cary is definitely more family orientated. Raleigh has a huge downtown/bar/concert scene whereas Cary has more chain restaurants, strip malls, etc. Cary is a lovely place to live, but there is really not much of a social scene unless you grew up there and already know people.


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I live s. of Wilmington, but I know there are several members here who are in the triangle area. Just from driving through, it has become pretty congested. Generally an area that has both the state capital and universities will be better off job-wise than other cities. I don't know for certain if that's the case in that area, but they have 3 major universities.

I like that it has fall color so you feel like you're getting 4 seasons with a mild winter. down here in coastal Carolina area, there is almost no fall color and much of the year is hot and humid.


Nov 18, 2007
I know the Greensboro area used to be awesome for families but not so sure how they did with the recession and all. Cost of living is MUCH cheaper than in NYC so you could definitely *upgrade* whatever situation you are in now which is the major draw to NC! Have you taken a trip down? I definitely think you'll know once you get a feel for it if it's for you or not. Good luck!


Shoe and Bag Addict
Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
I live in Charlotte and have many friends who live in Raleigh/Cary. Cary is nice - a little quieter, but so close to Raleigh. I think your best bet is to pick a place close to where you work because it is easy to get around the area, especially since you are coming from the NYC area.