Anyone live in So Fla?

  1. Do we have any obsessed pursegoers locally who might want to get together for a cup of java and a bit of shopping? I live in BocaRaton.

    Just an idea. Feel free to shoot it down. Im going shopping anyway...:crybaby:
  2. I'm planning on going to the get together anotheremptysky linked to. Should be fun!
  3. Hey photoobsessive- I live in near Boca Raton and wouldn't mind getting together to go to Town Center or someplace around here, send me a message and we can see
  4. I'm in the Miami area - maybe we could get a whole South Florida thing going. Anyone else down here?
  5. Blue & Suz, all about it! Im new to the forum, so It may take me a sec to figure out how to send you a message, but I will! And Mia? Oh HellsYea! I have not been South in SO long...
  6. Blue and Suz, did you check out the thread re:the S.F.get together already happening? Nov 25-bal harbour. Im down!
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