Anyone live in/near Mahwah NJ?

  1. Just wondering if anyone lives in this area. My husband has a job interview that looks promising in NJ. While I have lived for many years on the East coast, I'm not familiar with Mahwah and the vicinity. Is it suburban or more urban? Is it congested? Is there new building going on? And lastly, of course, how is the shopping? I looked up the demographics but I still like to hear first-hand.
  2. Mahwah is next to Ramsey, Upper Saddle River (northern Bergen County), etc and those are impressive zipcodes. Very nice area, high property tax! I don't live here, but am superficially familiar with the area. Mahwah is a nice suburb, and near Paramus, a shopping mecca:drool:. All major retailers have ginormous free standing stores or in the mall there... Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom, LV, Ferragamo, Burberry, Gucci, I mean, the list goes on. I digress, but Hermes is opening a store there, and THAT's big news. (Tax free on clothes and shoes!!! ) ( and Major arteries in Bergen County are Route 4(runs east west to George Washing Bridge to NYC) and Route 17(runs north to south), and they can get congested. It's a desirable location IMHO. Good luck!
  3. I GREW UP right next to MAHWAH!
    I grew up in the FRANKIN LAKES area.....its a nice area with great schools...Garden State Plaza and Paramus malls r the closest nice malls...(30 MINS AWAY!) but they do have some cute boutiques in the area too.....
    Its VERY expensive housing beware...and taxes are pretty rough.
  4. I grew up in wayne, nj, and went to school in mawah for a short period of time. Its pretty nice, i liked it'
  5. Thank you everyone. Some 15-16 years ago we lived in Sparta, NJ for 15 mos. and as I remember our property taxes were $10,000 a year then. We were kind of happy to leave because it was so expensive. I'm not certain I want to go back to that. I live in the Atlanta/Buckhead area and feel like that's pricey enough but I know the NE is more expensive. We'll see what happens next week. I'm feeling kind of content to stay here.
  6. I have a home 15 mins from Ramsey. Its a beautiful area! Other Tpf's are right, the property taxes are outrageous! But its the best area of NJ, IMO.

    Route 17 runs through Ramsey, And the Garden State Mall is their, plus your just a few minutes from the NY state border line.
  7. I could not imagine anyone wanting to come and live in NJ. I hate it. It was the worst thing we did. We live at the Jersey Shore which is nice but property taxes are very high *not as high as where you are thinking of moving. It just is such a rat race up here. Too much traffic. I don't find the people friendly, it would kill one to let you in a lane coming out of a shopping mall to a main street. I feel there is more road rage here than any state we ever drove thru. I would go back to Florida tomorrow if I had the chance. I am not a winter person and hate the cold. I know many people love NJ and most of my friends growing up have never left the state and are very happy to live in the town they grew up in. But being that hubby and I traveled and moved out of state when we got married it is hard to say NJ has anything to offer us. I guess if one loves the city life of Philadelphia and Manhattan there are lots of fun things to do.
  8. My best friend lives there - I think it's a beautiful area - lush greenery and lovely homes.