Anyone live in a single room in college?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm transferring schools in the fall and unfortunately found out I have to live in my new university's dorms for at least a year (until I have enough credits for senior status - even though technically, in my new program, I will be starting as a freshman). Here's my problem, I can't decide what I want to do for housing.
    My school does offer single rooms and it sounds like I have a decent shot at getting one because of all the credits I'll be coming in with, but at the same time, I'm a little concerned I'll get lonely. Don't get me wrong, a single sounds great. I've had a love/hate relationship with my past roommates (we are on good terms though - one of them is a very close friend) and this year, I've been living with 6 loud, crazy, party animal ones in an off-campus house.
    However, at the same time, I'm coming to a new school where I will know nobody. I've joined my school's incoming class Facebook group, but I get the feeling that no one wants to room with the 20 year old transfer student (even though if they really thought it through, I will be 21 in October - which generally means alcohol is allowed to be kept in the room....not pointing this out online though because I don't want my future school to see). I don't know what to do and I'm already getting a little stressed. Any thoughts on this?

    It seems like there's enough college ladies on here, I vote we get a "School/Academics" subforum.
  2. I lived in a single my freshman year of college, and I had no problems being social. In the dorms everyone pretty much leaves their door open and people are always popping in and out of each other's rooms...and if you want some alone time, you can shut the door and the room is yours.
  3. I definitely think you should get the single! My first roommate is my best college friend now, so I got very lucky. Living with my next roommate was torture...we're friends but she is INSANELY messy so I hated it. The semester that I lived with her, I became really good friends with all the other girls in the suite because everyone hung out in the common room. I imagine I would have been the same way if I lived in a single. Plus, with your own room, you always have the option of being alone if you need to study, take a nap, or whatever :smile: there are always those days when you just want to be alone so having a roommate is just annoying, ya know?
  4. My second year in college i had a single and I loved it! Granted it helped that my freshman roommate was crazy and ended up dropping out. Granted I already knew people, but I had such a big room next to other rooms that were booked as doubles, we always turned my room into the "party or get-together" room. The next year I transferred to a school where I didn't know anyone and I was in a duplex type dorm with 3 other roommates. Only one was in the same room as I though. Unfortunately she was crazy too and cried herself to sleep most nights after getting into arguements with her boyfriend over the phone.....Needless to say, we didn't hang out much but in order to meet new people I decided to join a sorority and made friends that way.
    Honestly, get a single and just make sure you join groups that will help you meet other people, they may even have groups of other people in the same situation as you (transfers). I don't like to chance it when it comes to roommates and random people, but then again I'm an only child so maybe I was just the crazy one :smile:
  5. Thanks everyone!
    You guys are right, my heart is set on having a single. Though I am preparing just in case it doesn't happen and looking for a roommate. I know I want to get involved on my new campus so I can meet people, but I still am a little bit nervous.
  6. my BF had a single for his soph and junior year living on a dorm floor and loved it. he had plenty of interaction with everyone and then at the end of the day shut the door to his room and could do what he wanted. i say go for it. that's the only way i would've lived in a dorm :P
  7. Yeap, glad I had the room all to myself even though I had to pay extra.
  8. I am in a single now (moved from a shared room with a psycho roomate) and it has been GREAT!! Definitely go for the single.