Anyone live/been to CO Springs?

  1. My SO and I are going camping in CO Springs this labor day weekend..I even took an extra day it will be 4 days. ;) Anyone live/been there? If so let me know how your experience was.

    I'm a city gal..and this will be my first camping experience!! :blush:
  2. Been many times. It's beautiful. It's warm during the day and cool at night.

    Are you camping in a tent? Are you staying at a site that has shelter? (Don't pick the flowers...they're everywhere! It's a hefty fine!)

    Are you looking for ideas of things to do?

    Also, Springs is more of a "family atmosphere" whereas Denver has more of a nightlife...if you're interested in making the best of both worlds. And, Boulder is not terribly far from Denver (farther from springs) and it's very, very cool. Shopping, the brewery, etc.

    Have fun...enjoy
  3. We are actually camping in a's going to be quite the experience for me since I'm a city gal. We're going to enjoy the outdoors..take it easy. And then head into town and go sight seeing. I'm really excited...we both need a vacation! Thanks for commenting. :smile: