Anyone likes the Botkier Clyde?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting an everyday spring/summer bag. What do you think about this Botkier tote?

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  2. I like the look.
  3. If you like the botkier clyde tote in the cognac color, I have it on ebay right now for buy it now 279. It ends in one more day. If interested, pm me or look in wts/wtt threads.
  4. Im totally in love with the botkier clyde for spring!
  5. I love the Botkier Clyde...expecially in Cognac.:love:
    The colour above looks fab for Spring/Summer!:love:
  6. AWWWWWWW!!! You found it in white!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty :nuts:
  7. Oh, is that the white? it looks a little like the one i have which is the taupe sheen colour. it's gorgeous. i've been using it for the last 2 weeks. love it!!
  8. I love botkier. I have and off white trigger. They are great quality and great price point!
  9. Glad to have found some fellow Botkier lovers! I found it on It's pale gold in color. BTW, I got a black Clyde at the end...
  10. I have this purse and I absolutely love it! The gold color is very pretty...not overpowering!
  11. I bought the Clyde in pale gold and I love it. I live in Asia and it's relatively warm all year-round so the color works no matter what the season. I wish it were a bit lighter but otherwise no complaints.