Anyone likes LV's fine jewelry?

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  1. Greetings All,

    I normally do not buy many jewelry pieces, but I caught this little gem while I was at my local LV shop recently. Here is a teaser!!


  2. All right ~ I wanna see!
  3. oooh, what is it??
  4. is it the empreinte pendant?? I so want one...

  5. Those are amazing as well! but my weaknesses are for pearls and pink!

    It's a Les Elegantes Ring, Brown & White diamonds with pink pearl (est. 12mm).

    I took the pictures in the car, and I guess that's why the pictures didn't come out so well. The color seems a bit off to me. It actually looks very slight pink in real life!



  6. SO beautiful! WOW! That pink pearl is amazing, beautiful coloring. Congrats :nuts::drool:.
  7. That is stunning! Great choice, congrats!
  8. OMG that is soo beautiful. I love colored diamonds especially brown and black... Congrats on it!!
  9. Magnificent!!!! I love this ring and it looks great on your finger.. by any chance were u in the Ferrari when taking this LOL??
  10. congratultions!
  11. Stunning ring, you have lovely taste ! :love:
  12. Stunning piece !
    I had seen this item and equally gorgeous at the 5th Ave LV.
    Enjoy in good health!
  13. :wtf::drool::love:

    Totally stunning. Congratulations.
    I have yet to take the plunge into LV fine jewellry....
  14. Wow! That's so incredibly elegant and gorgeous! Congrats on your purchase!