Anyone like Vera?

  1. I know most of you are into high end bags.....I am a LV fanatic myself. But I just got the new Vera Bradley catalogue and some of the colors are pretty for the spring. I know most of you probably aren't into these types of bags...but the ones that are, what do you think of them?
  2. Hi!
    I was very into Vera Bradley during college, but I have outgrown some of the patterns since graduating. I still have some bags I kept that I really like. I do like some of the new patterns I saw in the catalogue. The "peacock" has very pretty colors in it.
  3. Guess no one likes Vera.... :shrugs: :p ;)
  4. i do like their colors & patterns, just not for a bag. they also seem very collegey to me, sorry :sad:
  5. i have one. its just a solid color though.

    my mom love all vera bradly! shes got like every type of purse they like. i personally only like the solid colors. although their change purses are real cute. oh and i have a really cute wristlet thing from vera thats a paisly pattern that matches my solid looks really nice together
  6. I am a bit of a Vera fan...I have a lot of cosmetic cases, and a tote in Petal Pink. I absolutely love the new Peacock color :yahoo:, everything else is kinda bleh.
  7. i have a ton of vera bags! i use the bigger bags for carrying books etc. i also have a large cosmetic case for travelling and the lg duffle is great for overnights
  8. I like some of them! Not too into the flowers but the other patterns in the summer are fun.
  9. :blah:
  10. I guess they're cute.... just not my style at all :smile: All the soccer moms wear them around here :smile:
  11. They're a great college student and/or mom gift.

    I have a tote I use sometimes for the gym that's the Chelsea Green paisley which is really cute. I had to buy a bag when I was out of town at a conference a few years ago (my other tote handle broke under the weight of my books and papers) and this one fit my budget and the color scheme of the outfits I brought with me.
  12. I got my catalog this weekend and I LOVE the new patterns!:love: Botanica and Peacock are my favorites! I already have the beach towels, summer hats and placemats on my list.

    And do my eyes deceive me or did I not see flip flops available in the new colors too!:wlae:

    I love Vera, especially in the spring and summer. :smile: Its just something about her products and patterns....
  13. I have a few Veras as travel bags versus everyday - the large duffle, etc. I also love their toiletry items - cosmetic bags, etc. I also have a small bag that I use to run quick errands with. I like that some of the designs get retired, and often like scouring eBay for retired prints that I may have missed.
  14. I have a Vera bag (used to have a 2nd, but the stitching came undone:sad: ) that I use when my shoulder is bothering me. the fabric is lighter than leather, but holds a fair amount. I overheard some teenagers in a store saying it's a "granny" bag, but I don't care. It's perfect for my needs sometimes. I like the patterned cosmetic travel cases--much more fun than solid colors.
  15. I have several Vera bags and I love them. I'm a student so I can be kind of rough on bags so unlike my other higher end bags I don't worry about banging them up a little bit. I have two of the larger purses and an overnight bag. The overnight bag is really handy and my two purses hold a ton of stuff.

    Probably the only thing I dont like about Vera is that there are always a ton of people with the exact same bag.