anyone like to get DH's or So's opinion on bags?

  1. I read many posts where ladies hide their new purchases from their husband. I have my own $ so what I spend isn't really an issue. When I get something new, I usually like to show my DH and get his opinion. Doesn't mean I necessarily follow his advice but I have to share with someone when I get home. And sometimes he does influence me. The biggest problem he has with me is my indecisiveness (keep changing my mind and returning bags; don't do this much with clothes). Does anyone else like to get their husband's or SO's opinion or do you think (as I believe some do) that one doesn't ask a man since men don't know about fashion?
  2. I ask DH everytime before I buy a new bag.

    His opinion means a lot to me!!!! Sometimes I go with what he tells me, other times, I defy him!!
  3. Always. My husband is always consulted on any handbag purchases. He has a great eye and also often serves as the voice of reason ("I think you have at least one in that color already. How is this one different from the one you have?"). I can't imagine ever hiding anything from him. He's always encouraging about things that are important to me and gives me a reality check when needed.
  4. You ladies are brave!! I would never tell my boyfriend of my bag purchases. Why? There are a lot of reasons, such as he just doesn't understand why we need so many different bags. He thinks one is sufficient and we all know that is crazy. I'm lucky he doesn't notice my new bag purchases. Anything else that I buy I am happy to show him though. My bag purchases are not shared unless I want to start a fight, which i do not LOL.
  5. Definitely, I ask my DH - he has impeccable taste :yes:...and we always run our purchases by each other anyway....
  6. I ask my husband about his opinions about bags. I don't always ask his permission to buy, however. We have an understanding about our finances, so it's never a problem for me.
  7. no... i don't really ask for people when buying something
    i don't like to be "influenced" and i happen to be more comfortable when i go shopping alone, that's why i shop a lot on the internet too.
  8. I pretty much always do especially if I have trouble between two colors of the same thing, etc. Might not always listen but generally do. Really helps. Sometimes I buy it if anyway if I don't see him quick enough and I want it. He doesn't care since it's my own money anyway.
  9. I am really envious of you ladies who ask your DH's. I would love to. He has such incredible taste. he's always the one who finds the best jewelry, the best makeup and perfume etc. While I have my own money, we are saving for a house and he doesn't want to hear about handbags :sad: Oh but I wish he did! I know he'd somehow find the perfect one(sssss)
  10. Mine too! He always thinks I have to buy a bag each time I buy a pair shoes. Now I have a few bags I will never use.
  11. sometimes i hide it from him but not too long! but yea, i like his opinions about my bag of choice
  12. My husbands the complete opposite. He doesn't mind me buying bags at all but if I start asking "do you like this, etc." He says thats woman stuff, why you asking me that, you think I'm into all that? I don't know anything about handbags!" Am I the only one that goes thru this? Same goes if we are out shopping, he'll give an opinion but doesn't like to elaborate.
  13. Heh...I don't necessarily ask for his opinion, but I always show him new bags I've bought. If nothing else, just to brag about the sweet deal I scored. He's sweet...he just smiles and nods as if he's actually listening to what I'm saying.
  14. I'll ask his opinion, especially if I'm not sure. He also, does not understand why I buy and return and I tell him it's the joy of being a woman.
  15. I always ask his opinion beforehand. He knows me best, so he can usually tell me when to grab it or when to wait.