anyone like these pradas?

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  1. i tried these on they was really nothing special about them except that they were an anniversary edition if i were you i would invest the money in a shoe with a little more pizazz
  2. i adore them, i saw vanessa hudgens wearing them and have been hunting for them ever since, but they are all sold out, i cant even find any pair similar, the writing on the back is a bit of a turn off, but still who would be close enough to read it? although why would anyone be looking at the back of my shoe lol.
  3. I love the color, cut, and heel. For me, the Prada and NM logo is a part of history, and I think that in years to come, this may be considered iconic.
  4. I like them!
  5. Very cute except for the NM logo. It reminds me too much of their shopping bags and advertisements!
  6. they're adorable ;)
  7. beautiful color, but i don't really like the writing on the heel :confused1:.
  8. Love the shoe, not crazy about the NM name on it. Maybe in person it is not so noticeable as it is in photos.
  9. They're a bit bare in the front for my taste for something that's not a sandal. I wouldn't buy them, but I don't hate them.
  10. :yes: :roflmfao: